Pet Insurance – A Necessity For Pet Owners 

Deciding on getting insurance for your pet can seem like a daunting task. There are many plans to choose from and how do you know if you're getting one that will actually reimburse you for your claims. I will share my firsthand experience with one in particular and my review of another and let you decide.

First a little background. My precious dog had cancer and I spent thousands trying to save his life and vowed not to be put in that financial situation again. So before I got my next puppy from the rescue I did some research on insurance.

(My previous companion Danny: Rest In Peace)

The first plan I researched was Nationwide pet insurance. This plan has lots of customization that can be done to tailor a plan to your exact liking. I was even impressed on an option for adding coverage for everyday vet visits. However, when you read the fine print it has a reimbursement cap so I immediately moved on.

After sifting through others I came upon the one I would ultimately decide on and that was healthypaws. There are no reimbursement caps and the invoices can be uploaded directly via the ap. Below is a screen capture from their website highlighting their plan.

So, now you have two reviews to consider and you can also feel free to share your experiences with me as well.


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