Medication Savings For Your Pets

So we all know that medication for our pets can be expensive, so let try to find savings on the most popular pet prescriptions.

Oral Flea Medications:

These alone can be the biggest part of our monthly pet budget. Most of them contain multiple medications(flea protection, heart-worm prevention, internal parasites, etc.) such as Comfortis, Trifexis, etc.

Comfortis has a coupon available to save $25 at

Trifexis has a coupon avaliable to save $25 at

*Trifexis is my personal favorite as it’s beef flavored and easy to give as a treat.



Topical Flea Medications and Collars:

1800 Pet Meds is a great choice and there is almost always saving available for new and repeat customers. First let me say that I am overly cautious when it comes to online pharmacies but this one has been around long enough to prove that it is a valuable tool.


All other pet meds:

The first question you should ask your veterinarian is: “Can I purchase this prescription at my local drugstore?” as the cost will be significantly less than getting it at their office. When you go to your pharmacy make sure to use a discount card on your pets prescription medication. This way you can save the most possible.

A discount card for your pets is available using the card below or by clicking here.

Presciption Discount Card

Also check out this post on Pet Insurance

Share your savings or other ideas in the comments!


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