Save On Pet Medication

So we all know that medications for our pets can be expensive, so let try to find savings on the most popular pet prescriptions.

Flea Medications:

These alone can be the biggest part of our monthly pet budget especially with many of them containing multiple medications(flea protection, heart-worm prevention, internal parasites, etc.) such as Comfortis, Trifexis, etc.

Comfortis has a coupon available to save $25 at

Trifexis has a coupon avaliable to save $25 at

*Trifexis is my personal favorite as it's beef flavored and easy to give as a treat.

All other pet meds:

The first question you should ask your veterinarian is "Can I purchase this prescription at my local drugstore?" as the cost will be significantly less than getting it at their office. When going to your pharmacy make sure to use a discount card on your pets prescription so you can save the most possible.

A discount card for your pets is avaliable by clicking here.

Share your savings or other ideas in the comments!


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