Eating Healthy Today For A Healthy Retirement Tomorrow

So we all know that we should be including healthy foods into our diets. Not many of us are eating right and the results are not pretty. What impact will our choices today have on tomorrow or thirty years from now? What's standing in our way?

Cost is the number one reason we tend to eat unhealthy fast food and processed foods that are able to be cooked and served quickly. Quality foods(such as organic or fresh) are much more expensive.

Time is the second reason. It's convenient to leave work, get in our vehicle, and grab dinner that we can eat on the way home without having to spend time in the kitchen preparing fresh meals. Not to mention the time to clean up afterwards.

So why and how should we change our habits?

Q: Why? What is the true cost of cutting corners on our food budget now?

A: A very large 14.5 years off your lifespan according to the Centers for Disease Control! Unhealthy food and beverages is the top trigger for obesity and diabetes.

The cost of being a diabetic is on average $6000 dollars higher annually than an individual without diabetes! So save money later by eating healthy today!

Q: How can I eat healthy while not blowing my whole budget on food?

A: There are lots of inexpensive options such as:frozen vegetables, beans, tuna, chicken breast, etc. and for the busy person on the go:granola, baby carrots(and similar), nonfat Greek yogurt, nuts, etc.

So with unhealthy choices threatening our lifespans our only choice is to make changes to our eating habits so we might actually make it to retirement. 

PS: I am not going to give Social Security the privilege of not paying me!


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