The Cost of Depression is Depressing

Work sucks. My car won’t start. The dog is sick. I got passed on a promotion at work, again! I can’t afford anything. I’m getting divorced. Bill collectors keep harassing me…

Does this sound familiar? We all have things in our lives that can lead to depression so we need to learn why and how to steer around these obstacles.

Let me start by saying that depression is a serious illness and needs to be confronted immediately for your own well being and for those around you.

The average person with depression spends almost $500 dollars a month just for counseling and medications. This doesn’t include the fact that some people with depression will go on binges such as eating, sleeping, or shopping. It becomes a vicious cycle that can be broken with help and time.

There is help out there for you! 


Depression hotline: 800-662-4357 (help)

Consult your loved ones: They may not know what you’re going through until you let them know.

Find comfort in your favorite activity: This not only distracts your mind but you may actually feel better afterwards.

Tackle problems only one at time: Don’t get overwhelmed by letting everything stack up. Getting divorced-great there are plenty of people out there for you. Passed on promotion at work-time to evaluate if your work is appreciated and it may be time to move on. Car won’t start-enjoy not dealing with traffic and get an Uber or similar for the day. Can’t afford anything-be creative and sell unwanted stuff, participate in clinical trials, or network in your industry to move up.

Uninsured or underinsured?

There is still help avaliable. Counseling is provided free through many local and national centers. Lookup your closest health department and they can steer you in the right direction.

Medications can be purchased using a discount card(see my post on discount cards here)

So, hopefully you can get the help you need or better understand depression that you or someone you know is facing. 

Tomorrow will be brighter than today if you let it be!


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