Does Which Pharmacy I Use Really Matter

This question is not as simple as it seems. There are many factors behind which pharmacy you should use. The medicines are going to be exactly the same at all pharmacies. Manufacturers may be different so the color or shape may change but the medicine is the same.

Most people believe that there isn't much difference between this pharmacy and the next. This is far from the truth.



If you have a standard flat copay(i.e. $10 $25)-This will be the same anywhere so in this case it doesn't matter which one to use.

If you have a coinsurance plan (%) or uninsured-This is where you need to shop around for the lowest price. Two pharmacies side by side can have two extremely different prices for the same medication.

Here is an online tool that will show you the cost of whichever medication you're curious about in your own home town.


Some pharmacies may have your order ready in minutes and some may take hours or even days(usually mail order)

I know I definitely won't be shopping in your store for two hours waiting for a prescription so I will go where my order is filled promptly and respectfully.


This is a microwave generation(everything right now) based reason. I understand making things easy but not at the expense of my budget. Ever had an annoying "convenience fee" on your online payment? Take five minutes out of your day and save yourself the money instead of giving it away!

So does it matter: Long story short, yes it matters.


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