The Inequality Of Dog Food

Dog food is all the same, right? Not even close! Many foods can cause allergies and upset stomachs. With recalls almost every day it seems that the pet industry is broken. Let's examine what you should watch out for to keep your pet around and happy for as long as possible.

Starting with one of the most common:

Beneful:Ever noticed how dogs love this food? Of course they do because it's one of the worst for them. It's the equivelant of us grabbing a double cheeseburger and large fries. So what's in it to make it taste yummy to them?

What's missing here? Oh, any real ingredients are missing. Would you knowingly take animal "by-products" mix them with cheap grains, sugar, and chemicals and give them to your pet? Didn't think so.
Science Diet:This is getting to be a better option but not quite what I would feed my pets. Why?

Looks better than Beneful since this one has removed the dyes and some chemicals but still heavy in cheap grains.

So what would I/ do I feed my pet?

I personally use Wellness Core but I would also use Orijen or Blue Wilderness. Why is Wellness Core my top pick?

Yep, no cheap grain or artificial dyes and the top ingredient is real turkey!

Be mindful of your pets food and remember—When you put good in, you get good out!


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