The Importance Of A Complete Medical/Pharmacy Record

I remember that day I was out walking the beach and cut my toe on a rusty bottle cap. I wasn’t sure what to do next. Should I get a tetanus shot? When was the last time I had one? I don’t remember that and I know the doctor will ask.

This is only the beginning of why you should keep a complete medical record. So, what are some other reasons to keep everything up to date and how can I do that?

Medication interactions

Lots of medications may interact with one another such as Viagra(used for erectile dysfunction) and Nitroglycerin(used to prevent heart attacks). Viagra decreases blood pressure while nitroglycerin also lowers it. Read more on this at The results can be fatal on many interactions.

Misdiagnosed at the doctor:

Some medications you take may raise or lower your blood cells. So then you go to the doctor for a check up and your blood work numbers come back out of range. Your doctor may make an assessment by evaluating your chart and if they don’t know all your medications you could end up with unnecessary lab work or a misdiagnosis.


According to more than 20% of people have an allergic reaction to at least one medication. Being able to breathe ranks highly on my list. Be sure to know yours and add it to your list if one is discovered. If you do have a reaction to a medication inform your doctor immediately. If having difficulty breathing call for an emergency such as 9-1-1 

How to keep a medical record:

Technology is definitely your friend here. Simply open a notepad on your phone or computer and list everything such as the example below. Feel free to add more that may apply to your own situation. You can also make one for your pets!

Simple to make right? It may also save you from spending unnecessary time and money later.


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