Pokémon Go – Missing No Opportunities For Health

People gathered together in Times Square hoping to catch the elusive legendary Pokémon Mewtwo. That’s the first image that comes to mind when I think about Pokémon Go. What benefit can this augmented reality game bring to your real life?


According to an article at the American Heart Association:

“Participants were twice as likely to reach 10,000 daily steps after playing Pokémon Go than they were before playing the game.

The percentage of days in which the 10,000-daily step goal was reached increased from 15.3 percent before playing Pokémon Go to 27.5 percent after playing the game.

Participants who had low activity levels before playing Pokémon Go or who were overweight or obese appear to benefit most from the game.”

Mental Health:

At American Psychiatry Association, Dr. Fitzpatrick says “I see Pokémon Go being useful with my socially anxious and agoraphobic patients in two ways. It really gives them a set of tools and reasons to meet people. It is a naturally structured experiment where it draws people in to connect and is partially reinforcing, which is the best mechanism for rewarding behavior.”


Pokémon Go has lots of opportunities to get you active and social. Whether or not this particular game stays relevant has yet to be seen. However, these types of games are a great addition to a healthy lifestyle.


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