10 Ways To Avoid Mistakes At The Doctor’s Office

You think you’re doing everything right for your visit at the doctors office. You are dressed nice and you’re even early for your appointment to fill out any necessary paperwork. Here’s a checklist for you to use to get the most out of your appointment.

Be prepared in the following 10 ways:

1. Have a copy of your medical and prescription history with you. Also make sure to bring in your most updated insurance card.

See my page for ideas on this here: Importance of Medical Chart

2. Make a note of your symptoms so you can relay to the doctor without forgetting anything.

3. Inform of any changes out of the ordinary like: craving ice, dizzy when standing, trouble using the bathroom, etc.

4. Ask if an over the counter treatment is sufficient for your condition. This will keep your costs down. This is also helpful because you will know your options for the future.

5. Ask what are my medication choices and is there a generic available for it?

Brand name: See this page for more information-Manufacture Discounts

Generic: See this page for more information-Prescription Discount Card

6. Ask what are the common side effects of this medication. What should I expect from this medication? Should any food or beverages (alcoholic) be avoided?

7. Ask when the medication should be taken. Also, ask if it is better to take on an empty stomach. Some prescriptions work better when fasting.

8. Ask if there are any problems taking your new prescription or over the counter medication with your current ones. Some vitamins/supplements may need to be separated as well.

9. Schedule a follow-up appointment. You may want to discuss any problems you encountered.

10. Remember that your doctor is the gateway to your health. Being courteous goes a long way.

All of these will be helpful to you. If you forget to ask these questions your pharmacist may also be able to help you.


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