Pitfalls of Online Pharmacies

I’m sure we’ve all seen the emails promising our medications for pennies on the dollar. I get them all the time usually in my spam folders. There are good reasons that these are going directly to my spam and junk folders. So whats behind these online pharmacies that promise Cialis for $1 per tablet and such?


Junk email

Where are these pharmacies located?

Most of the online pharmacies state that they are located in Canada. Whenever you place an order through most of the pharmacies they will give you tracking information for your package that shows that the medications are actually coming from India or other countries. Deception is a huge problem with most online pharmacies.


Is it safe?

There is no safe answer to this question. Some medications may be authentic and some may not. It is true that the United States does have more expensive prices due to the FDA and such organizations. The problem is with most online pharmacies is that they require no information or prescriptions. Our neighborhood children are put at risk by being able to order meds with only a credit card. Drug abuse is on the rise and contributing to these establishments only make the problems worse.



Any safe online pharmacies?

Yes, there are safe online pharmacies where you can purchase medications. I am still not promoting their use though. One such example is Canada Drugs. You must submit your prescription and they will send your medication to you in the mail. There are other just check out the terms and conditions first though.


Online pharmacies have a great potential in the future although there needs to be more regulation on the origin of the medications and the practices of the pharmacies. Be cautious and aware of anyone you are giving financial or medical information to.

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