Weather Safety For Your Pets

We have lots of work to keep our pets happy, healthy, and safe. Here are some tips for proper care for our canine friends. We will cover almost everything about weather safety.


Sun Care:

The sun can be brutal for dogs. Dogs can dehydrate really quickly so it’s important to always carry fresh water with you. has a portable water container here that is under $5 and can be stored anywhere. There are also collapsible models available as well. Dogs can also suffer from sunburns so monitor the short/fine/white hair breeds especially. Sunscreens are available as well to protect them from this uncomfortable situation. Lastly, heat exhaustion is another concern. If your pet seems to pant excessively or is acting strangely get them into the shade and try to get them drink some water. Also, remember not to leave your pets in your car unattended.




Rain is not as dangerous as the sun for our dogs but extra care for weather safety is needed as well. Make sure your pet has a dry place to go during the rain if you have an outside pet. Monitor rain conditions and be aware of any flooding that may occur as you will need to protect your pets during this time. Our dogs can get sick from adverse weather so assist them and it will save you time and money later.



Some pets may have anxiety during thunderstorms even if they are an inside pet. My dog has anxiety and has to be given Diazepam (which I fill at my local pharmacy using a discount card) during thunderstorms or fireworks. Stress jackets and aromatherapy may also work for your pet so consider these options first. Also, if your pet is kept outside, consider bringing them inside if there is lightning in the area.





Most pets love the snow and want to play in it all day. Monitor their activity and time in the snow as it can be dangerous for them. Protect their feet from frost by using socks. You can make these yourself with an old t-shirt or can buy them at Chewy as well. Sunburn sensitive dogs need to be monitored as the snow reflection can make their skin burn faster.


Hurricane/Evacuation Tips:

Being prepared for hurricane/disaster situations should also include a plan for our pets. Make sure you have enough water/food/treats to last for at least three days. Our stores may not open immediately after the storm so we must be proactive. If evacuating, remember to grab their favorite toys (this will definitely help for the car ride). A couple gallons of water should also be on hand at all time in preparation of the unknown.


Also check out this post here for more information about Pet Insurance.



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