Skinny On Weight Loss Products

Everyone has a few extra pounds they want to lose right? Whether it’s those stubborn love handles or the extra fat on our stomach. Weight loss doesn’t come easy so can help actually exist? Lots of products claim to help us shed pounds but do they work? Lets look at a few common solutions and see how the results weigh in.

Over the counter products:

Walk into almost any drug store and there is usually an entire aisle dedicated to weight products. Almost all these products contain green tea extract which is going to give you more energy. The thought is that you will be more motivated to work out and weight loss will come along at the same time and you will keep purchasing the product. Out of every product on that aisle only one is approved by the FDA. The one with approval is Alli. Alli is a lower dosage of a prescription product called Xenical. This product blocks part of the fat from being absorbed from our food. While not helping with weight loss directly, it helps to stop you from increasing your body weight.

Prescription products:

Most prescription products will assist in the same way much like Alli. Other prescriptions such as phentermine (discount card can be found here) and the like will decrease your appetite. These are good choices if you are having trouble eating too much. Newer medications are coming into the market every year so it’s likely there will be more options available soon.


Thinking about dieting? Well, according to over 95% of people starting a diet will fail and most will regain any weight loss rather quickly. Fad diets can also be dangerous to your health. If the results sound too easy than it is probably not going to work for you.


Supplements have little benefit for weight loss. Prescription products can assist but are not a long term solution. Diets almost always fail. The true winner for weight loss is a complete lifestyle change. Starting today you can change your life and lose the weight. Make it a challenge to eat healthy, exercise, and enjoy your life one day at a time. Before you know it the reflection in the mirror will only be a shadow of your former self.

For healthy eating ideas check out this page:Eating Healthy Today


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