Heart Health – Secret To A Long Life

The most important organ in our fragile bodies is our heart. It works constantly to keep us alive and well. So what should we do in return for it? How do we maintain our heart health?



How hard does it work exactly?

According to, As the heart beats, it pumps blood through a system of blood vessels, called the circulatory system. The vessels are elastic, muscular tubes that carry blood to every part of the body.

This vast system of blood vessels — arteries, veins, and capillaries — is over 60,000 miles long. That’s long enough to go around the world more than twice! Blood flows continuously through your body’s blood vessels. Your heart is the pump that makes it all possible.



What should we do for our heart?

1. Taking a daily aspirin can help our heart pump blood more efficiently.

2. Eating more garlic. In addition to lowering cholesterol and helping to fight off infection, eating garlic may help limit damage to your heart after a heart attack or heart surgery.

3. Eating less fried foods will help prevent your arteries from becoming clogged.

4. Controlling blood pressure either with medication or holistically can help your heart work less.

5. Watching your weight can help prevent heart disease from which the primary cause is obesity.

6. Meditation or yoga can prevent or relieve stress on your heart. See article on yoga here.

7. Consume less salt. You can also switch to an alternative that is healthier.

8. Drink caffeine and alcohol in modest amounts. A glass of wine a day is helpful for your health.

9. Have a proper sleep routine to keep your body on a schedule.

10. Consult your doctor with any concerns you may be having.


There are many other things we can do to protect our heart health. Making good decisions for our heart will increase our life and our quality of life.


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