Winter Skincare – Keeping Your Skin Beautiful

The trees are missing almost all of their leaves. The air is crisp and inviting and its time to start doing activities outside again before the dead of winter sets in. Keep your skin looking great with these winter skincare techniques.




It may come as a shock but sunscreen is just as vital in the winter as it is in the summer. There may be less areas that we need too protect though.

Make sure to use a chap stick that contains sunscreen to prevent dry cracked lips. Cracked lips can be really painful.

Use a sunscreen on any skin exposed to the sun especially your face. You wouldn’t want to end up like this poor guy.



Proper Skin Hydration:

It may come as no surprise but winter can be the most crucial time for proper skincare. The air is dry and our skin and lips are easily dehydrated by the dry cold air of winter. Over at WebMd these are the top 3 suggestions for hydration techniques.

Winter Skin Care Tip 1: Shorten Those Showers

Long, steamy showers may soothe a weekend warrior’s sore muscles, but they’re also good at dehydrating you – yes, taking moisture out instead of putting it in. That’s because hot water removes the skin’s natural oils more quickly than warm or cold water

Winter Skin Care Tip 2: Mild Soaps

Your favorite antibacterial or deodorant soap may be doing you more harm than good, stripping your skin of essential oils. That’s why skin care pros recommend sticking with mild soaps, preferably unscented or lightly scented.

Winter Skin Care Tip 3: Moisturize

A great way to soothe or prevent chapped skin: moisturize. And you don’t need expensive elixirs from the cosmetics counter to keep skin dewy.

Petroleum jelly, mineral oil, even hair conditioner can help you trap in moisture as you step from the shower or bath. If your skin is oily you still need to moisturize.


These are all great ideas to keep our skin prepped for the winter and to look our best for the upcoming spring. Looking for more information on feeling and looking better for spring and summer check out this post.



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