Dangerous Pet Toys – What To Look Out For

We all love our pets. We pamper them, buy them nice accessories, expensive food, and treats. When purchasing toys though we must be aware that we aren’t inadvertently giving them dangerous pet toys.



The image above may look like some common stuffed animals that we may purchase for our pets. There are dangers hidden in these animals though.

Watch out for the plastic eyes as these can be swallowed and may be the cause for expensive vet bills. At VeterinaryPracticeNews they estimate for pets that swallow a foreign object to cost their owners hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in veterinary bills to retrieve the item.

Also look out for the silicone beads that are a filler in a lot of stuffed animals like TY beanie babies and such. These aren’t toxic but if your pet eats the beads it can cause vomiting or get stuck in the digestive tract. I like avoiding cleaning up those kinds of messes!



This toy is one that is marketed directly for dogs. The Nylabone has been known to cause many problems with pets. To be fair these were not designed for consumption. However, when we give them to our pets, what dog is going to realize what they should and shouldn’t eat? Then after our pets chew on these bones little pieces eventually break off and may be swallowed. The smaller pieces are less of a concern than when they swallow the larger pieces. The larger pieces might leave you with a trip to an emergency vet clinic.

If this company was responsible for their products then why would the make the bones flavored such as bacon. Our pets may be fooled into thinking that the bone is actually food so the problem continues because of Nylabone’s marketing.


We can’t watch our pets all the time so be careful with what we are giving them in the first place. There are plenty of dangerous pet toys for all species. Consider having Pet Insurance to at least recover most expenses if something does come up.


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