Manufacture Discount Cards To Save You At The Pharmacy

Want the drug companies to pay your deductible for you? There are over two hundred brand name medications that have discount cards available online.

Covering your deductible:

You can use these in conjunction with your commercial savings to produce powerful savings. It’s not commonly known but these cards can also pay your deductible for you by the way they are billed. Let’s say you have a $300 deductible on your insurance and you have a prescription for Epipen. When you go into the pharmacy your insurance will come back with a price close to $350 since you must pay your deductible up front. Ouch. However, if you got your coupon from the website the pharmacy will process it and your price will now be closer to $0. This is an absolute must. So be aware if you’re being given brand name medications to look and see if they have a coupon online.

Medication Examples:

Some medications that have a coupon online are  Epipen, Farixga, Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Ciprodex Otic, Invokanna, and many more. Ask your pharmacist for help if you are unable to locate one for your prescription.

*note you must be on the actual manufactures website for the correct coupon* Check out my discount card page here for more savings!


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