Prescription Discount Card


There are many choices out there for saving money on prescriptions and the most popular is a prescription discount card. These are an excellent choice for those without any commercial insurance or for those items that aren’t usually covered such as phentermine, Flonase, and Viagra.  For example, the savings on phentermine is about 70 percent. I wish we could save that much on everything in life! Average savings on prescriptions is usually greater than 50% with some being much higher.

Also, if you are on a high deductible insurance plan(see post on that here) then it is probably worth your time to compare the difference in cost between your insurance and the discount card. I can’t tell you that every prescription will be cheaper with the discount but it’s worth the chance. Nothing to lose, money to save right?

Every medication that’s FDA approved is covered with no exclusions.

There is never a charge to use this card and it does not expire. It is 100% FREE for you to use.  The image below is an actual card you can take and use at your own pharmacy by showing this image or you can print your own by clicking here.

prescription discount card

Your personal information is always a priority and will only be used to mail a card to you if you choose so.


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